Pakistan Tax Bar Association Warns of Delays in Tax Cases


Pakistan Tax Bar Association Warns of Delays in Tax Cases Due to Tribunal Member Shortages

Karachi, February 23, 2024 – The Pakistan Tax Bar Association (PTBA) has issued a warning about potential delays in tax cases due to the impending non-availability of tribunal members. In a detailed letter to the Ministry of Law, PTBA President Anwar Kashif Mumtaz highlighted the nearing end of contracts for numerous members of tax and other tribunals on June 04, 2024, and the lack of steps taken to appoint new members.

Mumtaz underlined the essential function of these appellate bodies, expressing serious concerns over the anticipated absence of judicial accountants and technical members, which he fears will lead to justice delivery delays and economic disruptions.

To address these issues, the PTBA suggested several measures to maintain the tribunals’ efficiency and relevance in managing tax and revenue law cases. These recommendations include a structured appointment procedure for judicial members, a minimum three-year tenure for accountant/technical members, an experience prerequisite for officers, a mandatory training program for new judicial members, and the formation of committees for the recommendation and endorsement of members.

The PTBA’s letter urges the Ministry of Law to act swiftly in laying the foundations for these appointments, emphasizing the importance of preparing for the upcoming government transition to avoid disruptions in justice delivery and economic activities.