You are currently viewing Understanding Pakistan Customs Tariff: A Guide for Traders and Importers
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Understanding Pakistan Customs Tariff: A Guide for Traders and Importers

Understanding Pakistan Customs Tariff: A Guide for Traders and Importers

Navigating through the Pakistan Customs Tariff can be complex. This blog aims to simplify and organize the information for easy reference, helping traders, importers, and businesses stay updated with the latest tariff structures.

 What is the Customs Tariff?

The Customs Tariff is a schedule of duties and taxes imposed by Pakistan Customs on imported goods. It plays a crucial role in international trade, helping to regulate the flow of goods across borders. For more informatio you can view the following links

 How to Access Current and Previous Customs Tariffs

 Current Tariff (F.Y 2023-24)

– Pakistan Customs Tariff (F.Y 2023-24): The latest tariff schedules and rates.

– Fifth Schedule to the Customs Act, 1969 (F.Y 2023-24): Specific regulations and exemptions.

 Previous Years’ Customs Tariffs

Here’s a quick reference to the tariffs from previous years:

the following links can also be find in the above link

| Year      | Documents                                                    |

| 2021-22   | 1. Pakistan Customs Tariff (Chapters 1-97, 98-99) <br> 2. Fifth Schedule |

| 2020-21   | 1. Pakistan Customs Tariff <br> 2. Chapter-99 <br> 3. Fifth Schedule       |

| 2007-08   | 1. Customs Tariff (Chapters 1-97, 98-99)                                                 |

 Understanding HS and PCT Codes

The Harmonized System (HS) Codes or Pakistan Customs Tariff (PCT) Codes are essential for classifying goods. These eight-digit codes help in identifying items, with the first two digits indicating the chapter, the next two the sub-chapter, and the last four representing the specific item.

 Special Note on Tea Imports

The trade prices and tariff regulations on tea imports are subject to change and should be checked regularly for updates in the tariff schedules.

Import Tea Prices (ITP) Month of December, 2023


Staying informed about the Customs Tariff is crucial for anyone involved in importing goods into Pakistan. This guide serves as a starting point. For detailed and specific tariff information, refer to the official Pakistan Customs Tariff documents and schedules. Remember, staying compliant with customs regulations not only avoids legal issues but also ensures a smoother trade process.