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Navigating Vehicle Import Regulations in Pakistan: A Comprehensive Guide

Navigating Vehicle Import Regulations in Pakistan: A Comprehensive Guide 

Navigating the intricacies of importing vehicles into Pakistan can be a daunting task for taxpayers. This professional guide is designed to demystify the process, outlining the key conditions, duty structures, and applicable schemes under the Import Policy Order.

 Importing New Vehicles

– Open to All: Anyone can import new vehicles into Pakistan, adhering to the standard import procedures and requirements.

– Duty and Taxes: These imports are subject to the generally applicable duty and tax rates.

 Importing Old and Used Vehicles

Pakistani nationals residing abroad, including dual nationals, have the privilege of importing old and used vehicles under three specific schemes:

1. Personal Baggage

2. Gift Scheme

3. Transfer of Residence

 Age Limit and Eligibility

– Cars and Other Vehicles: Cars up to 3 years old and other vehicles up to 5 years old are eligible for import under these schemes.

– Consistent Duty Structure: The duty and tax structure under these three schemes are uniform.


– Motorcycles and Scooters: These can only be imported under the Transfer of Residence Scheme.

– Ineligibility: Students receiving remittances from Pakistan, non-earning members of families residing abroad, and individuals who have imported or received a vehicle in the past two years are not eligible.

 Duty and Taxes for Old and Used Vehicles of Asian Makes

The duty and taxes for importing used vehicles of Asian makes are as follows (in US dollars or equivalent in Pakistani Rupees):

| S.No. | Vehicle Type                       |Duty and Taxes|


| 01.   | Up to 800 cc                         | $4,800            |

| 02.   | 801cc to 1000cc                    | $6,000            |

| 03.   | 1001 cc to 1300cc                 | $13,200          |

| 04.   | 1301cc to 1500cc                  | $18,590          |

| 05.   | 1501cc to 1600cc                  | $22,550          |

| 06.   | 1601cc to 1800cc (Excluding Jeeps)| $27,940|

 Additional Benefits

– Depreciation Benefits: A depreciation in duties and taxes is applicable at the rate of 1% per month based on the vehicle’s age.

– Hybrid Electric Vehicles (HEVs): There’s a 50% exemption on duty and taxes for HEVs with an engine capacity up to 1800cc, and a 25% exemption for those between 1800cc and 2500cc.For more information you can visit

Procedure for Import of Vehicles under various schemes

 Special Scheme for Disabled Persons

– Duty-Free Import: Disabled persons are allowed to import a new car with an engine capacity of up to 1350 cc, duty-free, based on recommendations from the Federal Board for Disabled Persons.

This guide aims to provide a clear overview of the vehicle import process in Pakistan. For more detailed information, taxpayers are encouraged to consult the ‘Import of Vehicles’ brochure and the specific documents outlining the procedures for the Transfer of Residence, Personal Baggage, and Gift schemes.For more information you can visit 

Import of Duty Free Car for Disabled Persons