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How to renew your company's registration in Pakistan

How to renew your company’s registration in Pakistan


Renewing a company’s registration is a crucial process that ensures the legal compliance and continued existence of businesses in Pakistan. It provides an opportunity for companies to update their information, address any changes in their structure, and maintain their legal standing.


Company Registration: The initial process of registering a company with the Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP), which establishes its legal identity, structure, and rights.

Renewal: The periodic process of updating and extending a company’s registration to maintain its legal status and compliance with regulatory requirements.

Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP): The regulatory authority responsible for overseeing the incorporation, registration, and renewal of companies in Pakistan.

Process and Examples:

Preparing for Renewal:

Review company documents: Gather and review the company’s existing registration documents, including the Memorandum and Articles of Association, Form-29, and Form-21.
Identify changes: Identify any changes that have occurred since the last registration, such as alterations in the company’s structure, shareholding, directors, or registered office address.
Update records: Ensure that the company’s records, such as financial statements and tax returns, are up to date and in compliance with relevant regulations.

Filing the Renewal Application:

Prepare Form-29: Fill out Form-29, which includes details about the company’s registered office, directors, shareholders, and other relevant information.
Attach required documents: Submit the necessary supporting documents, such as a copy of the updated Memorandum and Articles of Association, a statement of accounts, and a copy of the latest audited financial statements.
Pay renewal fee: Calculate and pay the prescribed renewal fee to the SECP through the designated payment methods.

SECP Review and Approval:

Verification process: The SECP reviews the renewal application and supporting documents to ensure compliance with regulatory requirements.
Potential queries: In case of any discrepancies or incomplete information, the SECP may request additional documents or seek clarification from the company.
Approval and issuance: Upon successful verification, the SECP grants renewal approval and issues a renewed certificate of incorporation.

Case Studies:

ABC Ltd:

Scenario: ABC Ltd, a software development company, underwent a change in its board of directors and shareholders.
Renewal process: ABC Ltd prepared the necessary documents, updated the company records, and filed the renewal application along with the required supporting documents and renewal fee.
SECP approval: The SECP reviewed the application, verified the information, and granted renewal approval, reflecting the changes in the company’s board of directors and shareholders.

XYZ Enterprises:

Scenario: XYZ Enterprises, a manufacturing company, changed its registered office address.
Renewal process: XYZ Enterprises submitted the renewal application with the updated registered office address and provided supporting documents, including the updated Memorandum and Articles of Association.
SECP approval: After verifying the documents and confirming compliance, the SECP approved the renewal, reflecting the new registered office address of XYZ Enterprises.


Renewing a company’s registration is a critical step for businesses to maintain legal compliance and continuity in Pakistan. By following the prescribed process, including preparing the required documents, filing the renewal application, and addressing any changes or discrepancies, companies can successfully renew their registrations. Compliance with SECP regulations ensures that companies can continue operating and enjoying the benefits and protections provided under the law. It is crucial for companies to stay vigilant and proactive in meeting their renewal obligations to avoid any legal complications and ensure a smooth continuation of business operations.