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How to register a media company in Pakistan?


Registering a media company in Pakistan is a crucial step for individuals or organizations aiming to engage in media-related activities. It is essential to understand the legal requirements and procedures to ensure compliance with the country’s regulations.


Media Company: A media company refers to an organization involved in the production, distribution, or broadcasting of content through various channels such as television, radio, print, or digital platforms.


Television Production Company: A media company that specializes in producing television shows, documentaries, or other visual content for broadcast.

Publishing Company: A media company that focuses on publishing books, magazines, newspapers, or digital content.

Digital Media Agency: A media company that offers services related to online content creation, digital marketing, social media management, and website development.

Case Studies:

Case Study 1: XYZ Productions

XYZ Productions is a media company that wants to register in Pakistan to produce and distribute television content. They follow the registration process outlined in this guide and successfully establish their company. XYZ Productions obtains the necessary licenses and permits and starts operating within the legal framework.

Case Study 2: ABC Publishing

ABC Publishing is a digital publishing company interested in expanding its operations to Pakistan. They research the registration requirements, comply with the necessary regulations, and complete the registration process. ABC Publishing receives official recognition as a registered media company in Pakistan, allowing them to operate legally.


Registration Process:

Determine the Business Structure:

Choose an appropriate business structure for your media company, such as a sole proprietorship, partnership, or private limited company. Consult legal experts or business consultants to assess the best structure for your specific needs.

Name Clearance:

Select a unique and relevant name for your media company. Conduct a name search through the Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP) to ensure the chosen name is available and not already registered by another entity.

Drafting Legal Documents:

Prepare the necessary legal documents, including Memorandum and Articles of Association, incorporating the company’s objectives, shareholding structure, and operational framework.

Company Incorporation:

Submit the required documents to the SECP along with the prescribed fee. The SECP will review the application, and upon approval, issue a Certificate of Incorporation, officially recognizing the establishment of your media company.

Obtaining Licenses and Permits:

Identify the specific licenses and permits required for your media company based on its activities. For instance, if you plan to operate a television channel, you may need a license from the Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority (PEMRA).

Tax Registration:

Register your media company with the Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) for tax purposes. Obtain a National Tax Number (NTN) and register for sales tax and income tax, depending on your company’s operations.



Registering a media company in Pakistan involves several essential steps, including choosing the right business structure, securing name clearance, drafting legal documents, and obtaining licenses and permits. By following the outlined process and adhering to the country’s regulations, individuals and organizations can establish a media company and operate within the legal framework. It is advisable to seek professional guidance to ensure compliance and a smooth registration process.