The Importance of Competitiveness and Attractiveness for Pakistan’s


The Importance of Competitiveness and Attractiveness for Pakistan’s Industrialization

PM Kakar Advocates for Pakistan’s Industrial Potential at Davos 2024 Event

Addressing the “20th Pakistan Breakfast at Davos 2024,” Prime Minister Anwaar-ul-Haq Kakar highlighted the growing trading activity in China, totaling $336 trillion, and hinted at the possibility of Pakistan becoming a destination for Chinese industries. He also discussed the industrial strides of GCC countries and the challenges they face due to geographical disadvantages.

PM Kakar stressed Pakistan’s uniqueness with its diverse culture, geography, and young population, considering human resources as a significant asset. He expressed optimism about the positive sentiments prevailing in the country and outlined the achievements of his government, including improvements in governance and taxation reforms.

The Prime Minister underscored Pakistan’s ideal geographical position, attracting interest from Central Asia for connectivity. He shared a historical perspective on Pakistan’s identity rooted in centuries-old civilizations, diverse culture, and languages, emphasizing its broader significance beyond any specific religion.

Chairman of Pathfinder Group, Zarrar Sehgal, commended the government’s efforts, noting positive economic indicators. He emphasized the need for Pakistan to convey its attractiveness to global investors and highlighted the importance of investment in education and digital financial inclusion for economic revival.

Overall, the event at Davos 2024 showcased Pakistan’s potential for industrial growth and its commitment to collaboration with international organizations.