FBR Chairman Confident in Achieving Revenue Collection Target for Fiscal Year 2023-24

FBR Chairman Confident in Achieving Revenue Collection Target for Fiscal Year 2023-24

Islamabad, March – Malik Amjed Zubair Tiwana, Chairman of the Federal Board of Revenue (FBR), has expressed confidence in meeting the revenue collection target for the fiscal year 2023-24. His remarks came during the passing-out ceremony for the Inland Revenue Service (IRS) Officers of the 50th Specialized Training Program (STP) held at the IRS Academy in Lahore.

Chairman Tiwana praised the dedication and commitment of the IRS officers, highlighting their critical role in enforcing tax laws and ensuring effective revenue collection across Pakistan. He shared his optimism about the FBR’s ability to meet its revenue collection goals, attributing it to the professionalism and hard work of the IRS officers.

During the ceremony, Chairman Tiwana extended his congratulations to the officers for completing the intensive STP and wished them success in their upcoming roles. He acknowledged the significant contribution of the IRS Academy’s Director General and the academy’s staff in providing high-quality training to the officers.

The STP is designed to prepare IRS officers for their roles in tax administration through comprehensive training in various aspects of tax law and compliance. The 50th batch, comprising 25 officers, underwent a rigorous year-long program, gaining the knowledge and skills necessary to tackle the challenges of tax administration.

Chairman Tiwana emphasized the importance of continuous learning and encouraged the graduating officers to use their newfound expertise to enhance Pakistan’s tax system. He noted that a skilled and well-trained workforce is vital for efficient tax collection and plays a key role in the country’s fiscal health.

The graduating officers received certificates and awards to recognize their outstanding performance during the training program. The event marked the successful conclusion of their training, as they are set to join the ranks of Assistant Commissioner IRS in field offices across the country. Their induction into the FBR is expected to bolster the organization’s efforts to achieve its revenue collection targets and improve overall tax compliance.

As these newly trained IRS officers embark on their careers, they are poised to make significant contributions to Pakistan’s revenue collection and tax enforcement. The FBR’s ongoing focus on developing a competent and knowledgeable workforce aligns with the broader vision of enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of the country’s tax administration.

With Chairman Tiwana’s positive outlook and the dedication of the new IRS officers, the FBR aims to meet its revenue collection targets, ensuring a robust and compliant tax system that supports Pakistan’s economic growth and stability.