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Employees’ Old-Age Benefits Institution (EOBI): Ensuring Social Security in Pakistan

Introduction to EOBI

The Employees’ Old-Age Benefits Institution (EOBI) stands as a pivotal social insurance entity in Pakistan, established to offer essential social security benefits to the country’s workforce. Founded under the auspices of the Employees’ Old-Age Benefits Act of 1976, EOBI operates under the governance of a tripartite board comprising representatives from the government, employers, and employees.

Historical Context of EOBI

In the 1970s, Pakistan faced a significant gap in its social security framework, particularly for workers transitioning into retirement. The establishment of EOBI was a strategic response to this gap, aiming to provide a financial safety net for the working population and address the absence of a comprehensive social security system.

EOBI’s Mission

EOBI’s core mission revolves around delivering financial stability to Pakistani workers post-retirement. The institution administers several key programs, including old-age pensions, survivor’s pensions, invalidity pensions, and old-age grants, each designed to support different needs of its beneficiaries.

Key Benefits Provided by EOBI

EOBI’s suite of benefits is comprehensive, catering to various aspects of social security:

Old-Age Pensions: These pensions are allotted to retired members who have contributed to EOBI for a minimum of 10 years. The pension amount is calculated based on the member’s average monthly earnings during their final five years of employment.

Survivor’s Pensions: This benefit supports the spouses and children of deceased members who were active contributors to EOBI at the time of their demise.

Invalidity Pensions: These pensions are extended to members who suffer from permanent disabilities rendering them unable to work.

Old-Age Grants: EOBI also disburses old-age grants to members aged 60 or above who have contributed for at least five years. The grant amount reflects the member’s average monthly salary over the last five years of their employment.

Eligibility Criteria for EOBI Benefits

To qualify for EOBI benefits, individuals must fulfill certain conditions:

Be a Pakistani citizen

Be employed within Pakistan

Be aged between 18 and 55

Actively contribute to the EOBI scheme

Applying for EOBI Benefits

The application process for EOBI benefits involves submitting a duly filled form at the nearest EOBI office, accompanied by:

A copy of the applicant’s national identity card

Employment contract

Salary certificate


The EOBI emerges as a cornerstone in Pakistan’s social security landscape, providing indispensable support to the nation’s workforce. Its comprehensive range of benefits, including pensions and grants, play a critical role in safeguarding the financial well-being of workers post-retirement. It is imperative for eligible workers to engage with the EOBI system to secure the financial assurance they rightfully deserve in their later years.