Construction Company Registration with PEC: A Comprehensive Guide



Construction Company Registration with PEC: A Comprehensive Guide

Starting a construction business in Pakistan involves several essential steps, one of which is obtaining a Pakistan Engineering Council (PEC) license. PEC is the regulatory authority for engineering qualifications and works in Pakistan, making it a mandatory requirement for construction companies looking to engage in public projects. In this guide, we’ll explore the process of registering your construction company with PEC, from choosing a unique name to fulfilling documentation requirements.

Why is PEC Registration Essential for Construction Companies in Pakistan?

PEC registration isn’t limited to local construction companies; it also applies to foreign companies undertaking engineering works in Pakistan. The primary reason for mandatory PEC licensing is to ensure that government contractors working with government or semi-government institutions hold valid PEC licenses with relevant codes. Without a valid PEC license, contractors cannot qualify for engineering projects that require PEC registration.

Types of Constructors and Operators Categories

PEC classifies constructors into eight categories (C6, C5, C4, C3, C2, C1, C-B, and C-A), while operators have their own eight categories (O6, O5, O4, O3, O2, O1, O-B, and O-A). The category you need depends on your business specialization and the scale of projects you wish to undertake.

How to Register Your Construction Firm with Pakistan Engineering Council (PEC)

Registering your construction firm with PEC is a crucial step to becoming eligible for public works. Below are the steps to guide you through the process:

For Sole Proprietor or Business Individuals:

1. Choose a Unique Business Name: Select a distinctive and relevant name for your construction company.

2. Apply for NTN Registration: Obtain a National Tax Number (NTN) from the Federal Board of Revenue (FBR). Most government departments require a copy of your NTN for enlistment.

3. Ensure Matching Addresses: Ensure that the address on your NTN certificate matches the one on your company letterhead. Use this address when applying for PEC registration.

4. Design Letterhead and Logo: Create an official company letterhead and logo.

5. Get a Company Seal or Stamp: Acquire a company seal or stamp with accurate and complete spellings.

6. Open a Business Bank Account: Open a business bank account in any bank with the same business name as the title. You’ll need your company letterhead and stamp for this step.

Is SECP Registration Mandatory for PEC Construction Company Registration?

– SECP (Securities Exchange Commission of Pakistan) registration is not mandatory for firms in categories C6, C5, and C4. However, it becomes mandatory for categories C3 and above. If your firm specializes in civil engineering, SECP registration is essential.

Types of SECP Company Registrations:

There are two primary categories for SECP company registration:

1. Private Limited Company (Pvt Ltd): This option requires two or more directors/partners.
2. Single-Member Company Private Limited (SMC-Pvt Ltd): If you’re the sole owner, you can choose this option, which serves as an alternative to a sole proprietorship.

Private Limited Construction Company Registration with PEC:

1. Finalize Company Name: Choose a suitable company name and apply for SECP registration.
2. Design Letterhead and Logo: Create an official company letterhead and logo.
3. Open a Business Bank Account: Open a business bank account with the same name as your private limited company. Ensure you have the necessary documents, including the Memorandum of Association, Article of Association, Form 29, Form-A, and SECP incorporation certificate.
4. Hire PEC Registered Engineers: Employ at least one engineer who is PEC registered and has 5 Professional Credit Points (PCPs).
5. Deposit Required PEC Fee: Pay the required PEC fee through a bank challan, available at HBL and MCB branches. Download the PEC registration forms from the PEC website.
6. Submit Application: Before submitting your application and documents at a PEC facilitation center, verify the engineer through biometric verification at a PEC facilitation center.

Documents Required for PEC Construction Firm Registration in Pakistan:

The following documents are necessary for construction company registration with the Pakistan Engineering Council:

– Copies of CNICs of all directors (copies)
– Company bank account statement with a closing balance of a specified amount (signed and stamped)
– Account maintenance certificate from the bank branch
– 15 company letterheads (stamped)
– Organization chart (if available)
– SECP documents (complete set, copy) – only required if registered with SECP

PEC Company Registration Fee:

The registration and annual renewal fee for Pakistan Engineering Council (PEC) is the same across all categories. You can find detailed fee information on the PEC website.

Is an Online Portal Available for C6 Construction Company Registration with PEC?

An online registration portal for contractors is available on the PEC website, but it’s limited to categories C2 and above. However, even with online applications, firms in these categories must also submit hard copies of documents, including the original PEC license.

PEC C6 Firm Registration Requirements in Pakistan 2020:

Category C6 serves as the initial constructor category, and obtaining a PEC C6 firm registration is relatively straightforward. Key requirements for C6 registration include:

– Rs. 15,000 bank challan as an annual fee
– Minimum of 1 registered engineer with a valid PEC registration card
– Submission of PEC application form with all required documents
– A closing balance of Rs. 15 lakhs in the firm’s bank account
– Account maintenance certificate from the bank branch

Is SECP Registration Mandatory for PEC C6 Category Registration?

No, SECP registration is not mandatory for C6 firm registration with PEC. However, if you have an SECP-registered company and want to apply for C6 registration, you can do so.

Time Requirements for PEC C6 Category in Pakistan:

PEC typically takes about 4 to 6 weeks to process license applications. Printing and dispatching the PEC license may require an additional month.

Firm Registration Verification:

PEC-registered firms and companies can be verified online on the PEC website. You can verify the validity of a Constructor or Operator license or a Consultant’s registration.

How Can Mechanical Registered Companies with PEC Undertake Construction Projects?

PEC-registered firms with mechanical specialization codes can take on projects up to 25% of their allowed license limit. This means that they can engage in projects outside their primary discipline, offering flexibility in project selection.

Additional Resources and FAQs:

– PEC offers a range of resources and guidelines for constructors, operators, and consultants, which can be found on the PEC website.
– PEC registration and renewal fees are detailed on the PEC website, and you can access the necessary forms for company registration on their website as well.
– PEC provides an online portal for certain categories and services, but the specific requirements vary by category and application type.
– For those starting small construction companies in Pakistan, category C6 is an ideal starting point.

Profit Margin in Construction Business in Pakistan:

Engaging in construction projects with the public sector often requires substantial investments,

but the profit margin in the construction business in Pakistan is typically high compared to many other industries. Having PEC registration can significantly enhance your chances of securing high-profit projects within Pakistan.


Registering your construction firm with the Pakistan Engineering Council (PEC) is a crucial step in gaining access to public works projects in Pakistan. Whether you are a sole proprietor or a private limited company, understanding the requirements and following the registration process diligently is essential. PEC serves as the regulatory authority to ensure that construction companies meet the necessary standards and qualifications, contributing to the growth and development of the construction industry in Pakistan.

For more information on PEC registration and specific details about different categories, you can refer to the official PEC website or consult with their facilitation centers for guidance on the registration process.