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PEC Registration in Higher Categories

Direct PEC Registration in Higher Categories – C5 to CA

The Pakistan Engineering Council (PEC) is a government organization operating under the Ministry of Science & Technology (MoST). It is responsible for regulating engineering practices in Pakistan. PEC has headquarters in Islamabad and regional offices in provincial capitals. PEC registration is categorized into Engineers Registration, Constructors/Operators registration, and Consultants registration. While obtaining direct PEC registration in higher categories may seem complex, it is possible with the right approach.

Can You Get a PEC License in a Higher Category Without Experience?

Yes, it is possible for firms or companies to obtain PEC registration in higher categories without prior experience, but there are specific rules and regulations to follow.

1. PEC Company Registration in C5 Category

Category C5 allows firms to undertake projects up to Rs 65 million. Here’s how you can get C5 registration:

PEC C5 Registration with Engineer Partner

If the owner or at least one director/partner is a registered engineer with PEC, you can apply for direct registration in C5. A fresh engineer can also apply without prior experience. The PEC fee is Rs 30,000, and only 5 Professional Credit Points (PCPs) are required.

C5 New Firm Registration on Financial Basis:

If the owner or director/partner is not an engineer, you can still obtain C5 registration if your firm has a closing balance of at least Rs 30 lacs. An audit report verified by a registered chartered accountant firm is mandatory.

C5 Firm Registration with PEC on Work Orders:

If your firm has executed engineering works without a valid PEC registration, you may pay a fine, and PEC will consider these works. A total of Rs 45.5 million worth of work orders, executed with government or semi-government organizations, is mandatory for C5 registration.

2. PEC Company Registration in C4 Category

Category C4 registration is possible with these requirements:

– CNICs of all owners
– Firm’s NTN with the same address as on the letterhead
– Firm bank account statement for the last 6 months
– Account maintenance certificate
– Closing balance of Rs 6 million
– Verifiable chartered accountant firm audit report
– Company/firm seal

3. PEC Company Registration in C3 Category

Direct registration in C3 is possible through one of three options:

– C3 registration on a financial worth basis
– New C3 firm registration with an engineer partner
– Firm registration in C3 based on work orders (challenging)

Required documents for C3 registration:

– Copies of CNICs of all partners (if any)
– NTN certificate
– Letterhead
– Firm stamp
– Firm bank account statement
– Closing balance of Rs 30 million (if using the financial worth option)
– Bank account maintenance certificate

4. PEC Company Registration in C2 Category

New firms can apply for PEC registration in C2 category, which is considered significant within PEC.

5. PEC Company Registration in C1 Category

For direct registration in C1 category, you can choose one of two options:

– Two partner engineers with more than 20 years of experience
– Financial soundness basis with QCR Chartered Accountant firm.

6. PEC Company Registration in CB Category

Direct registration in CB category is possible.

7. PEC Company Registration in CA / No Limit License

Registration in the highest category, CA (No Limit), is also possible.

In summary, while getting direct PEC registration in higher categories may seem daunting, it’s achievable through various pathways, including financial worth, engineer partnerships, and work orders. Ensure you meet the specific requirements and documentation needed for your chosen category.