The Pakistan Software Export Board (PSEB) subscription renewal process involves the following steps:

  1. Check eligibility: The first step is to check if the organization is eligible for PSEB membership. This can be done by visiting the PSEB website and reviewing the membership criteria.
  2. Submit renewal form: Next, the organization should download the renewal form from the PSEB website and fill it out with the required information.
  3. Submit supporting documents: The renewal form should be accompanied by supporting documents such as financial statements and tax returns for the previous year.
  4. Pay the fee: The final step is to pay the PSEB renewal fee. This can be done through the PSEB website using a credit card or by sending a cheque to the PSEB office.

Once all the above steps have been completed and the renewal fee has been paid, the organization’s PSEB membership will be renewed. The PSEB will issue a renewed membership certificate and the organization can continue to enjoy the benefits of PSEB membership.


PSEB will decide annual fee based on audit report for previous year

    • Rs. 5,000/- For Startup Companies (1st year only)
    • Rs. 10,000/- Companies with annual revenue upto Rs. 50 million
    • Rs. 15,000/- Companies with annual revenue of Rs. 50 – 100 million
    • Rs. 20,000/- Companies with annual revenue of Rs. 100 – 300 million
    • Rs. 25,000/- Companies with annual revenue of Rs. 300 – 600 million
    • Rs. 30,000/- Companies with annual revenue above Rs. 600 million

(Members with expired registration will be charged a surcharge of Rs. 5,000/-)

It’s important to note that the fees are subject to change and may be adjusted base on government policies and other factors.

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